Garden design

Getting the lay of the land

The first step in every project involves visiting the Client to find out their expectations and also to examine the area. A thorough on-site survey is extremely imporant, as it allows us to make the necessary measurements, determine soil type and gauge water pressure (in the case of irrigation projects).

Current condition evaluation

At this stage, we mark the existing vegetation and other garden elements on the site layout plan received from the plot owner. We also verify whether the layout plan is accurate and consistent with the current state of the area, to avoid any problems during the later stages of the project.

Preliminary concept

In this phase, we make initial drafts of the spatial arrangement of individual elements within the garden, as well as make a preliminary selection of plants to be introduced to the garden. We then sit with the Client to discuss the prepared concept and make adjust it to include any suggestions and ideas the Client might have, now closer to final working design.

Final design

The last stage includes the land development plan and additional plans and drafts, as well as any documentation necessary to complete the undertaking.

We are looking forward to building you a perfect garden.